This Privacy Policy, issued by Ferrari S.p.A. also on behalf of its subsidiaries (“Ferrari”), relates to the collection and use of personal information through the website and the sub-sites accessible through it or linked to Ferrari domains (e.g. “”)  (the “Site”) in order to inform Users about what type of personal information is gathered, how it is used, which third parties can access it, and how the User can access, update or delete his information.

The Policy has been drafted in accordance with Italian laws (Legislative Decree 196/2003 “Data Protection Code”) and the EU Directive 95/46/EC.

Users should read the Privacy Policy before providing their personal information.


Data Controller and Data Coordinator

The Data Controller is the person who, also in collaboration with another Data Controller, is responsible for taking decisions about how and why the personal information is used, the data processing methods used, and the security profile. The Data Coordinator is the person appointed by the Data Controller to process the data.

The Data Controllers are:

The Data Coordinators are:

Any queries about the personal information handled by Ferrari S.p.A. can be addressed to the Internal Data Coordinator at the following e-mail address:;



In this Privacy Policy the terms “Personal Information” or “Personal Details” relate to information that is unique to an individual. Information that cannot be defined “Personal Information” under the terms of current laws will be treated as such if it is closely related to personal information in the strict sense.


Browser data

When a User navigates the Site, we automatically receive the URL (uniform resource locator) of the Site from which the User originated or visits when leaving the Site, the IP (internet protocol) address of the User’s computer, the type of operating system and browser,  whether they are using a mobile device, details of the mobile device, the operating system and the name of the device’s ISP (internet service provider).

This data is only used to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the Site and to check that it is functioning correctly. It is deleted immediately after processing. The data may be used to investigate liability for computer crimes: except in these circumstances, web contact data is not currently kept for more than seven days.

We may also receive information about the User’s location, which we will use to improve the services offered by the User for marketing purposes. We may, for example, identify the User’s position to inform him or her of offers or promotions in the local area.



The Site uses cookies and similar technologies. Users can change the cookie settings on their browsers.

For more information about cookies, how they work and what type the Site uses, click here.


Creation of Account and Community

To create an account, the User must provide the following information: name, surname, date of birth, gender, nickname, preferred language, address, mode of payment and payment details. Other information may also be requested such as the type of car he or she owns, local dealer etc.

This information may be gathered using cookies that import data directly from a User’s social network account (facebook, twitter, google, linkedin), if the User chooses this option by accessing the site when their social network account is active (for more information click here).


Customer Care

The e-mail addresses and other contact information provided by the User will be used to respond to any queries.


Online purchases

To make an online purchase the User may be asked to provide the details needed to create an account. If a purchase is made without an account, details such as name, surname, date of birth, gender, preferred language, shipping address, mode of payment and payment details will be requested in any event. Other information may also be requested.



To register for the newsletter service, the User will normally be asked to provide an e-mail address only. Other information may also be requested.


Competitions/ Ferrari promotions

Details such as name and address, date of birth, gender, preferred language and shipping address will be requested for entry to competitions or Ferrari promotions. Other information may also be requested.



The following information will be used to reply to requests for information from Users: name and address, date of birth, gender, preferred language, address, cars owned, dealership. Other information may be requested.


“Job online” section

To register for the job online section, the following details may be requested: full name and address, educational background, past work experience, languages spoken and other information. Information about membership of protected categories may also be requested.



The Personal Details provided by Users will be processed in case of need, for the following purposes. No unnecessary information will be retained.


Provision of data; method of processing

The User is under no obligation to provide personal information, however any missing or inaccurate details may make it impossible for the requested services to be provided.

The information will be collected and processed electronically and as printed copies, in order to reduce the risk of loss, incident, or unauthorized use by third parties. In any case the User accepts the risk of loss or unauthorized access that may result from the provision of personal information and the Data Controllers decline all liability for any resulting losses.


Purpose of processing

Browsing the Site

To allow the User to browse the Site and sub-sites easily, and to access their content;

Creation of Account and membership of the Community

To allow the creation of a User Account, management of the User’s access to the Site, and to allow access to services and content, as well as the carrying-out of activities reserved for registered Users;

Customer care

To reply to queries raised by Users;

Online purchases

For the management and fulfilment of purchase orders, payment management, shipping of products, aftersales and/or warranty services;

For the sending of newsletters requested by the User;

Ferrari events and other initiatives

For the sending of invitations and the organization of events and promotions; 

Marketing and promotional communications

For the sending of marketing communications, advertisements and promotional materials by post, web, telephone, e-mail, video or text message from Italy or abroad (also from non-EC countries), exclusively from Ferrari, its parent companies, subsidiaries or affiliates, or individuals and companies including Triboo, who may assist with Ferrari’s marketing campaigns.

Market research and analysis

For the carrying-out of market and statistical research on consumer habits, Ferrari products and Users’ preferences about new products.


To reply to prospective enquiries about Ferrari products or services.

Recruitment and hiring

For the selection and sourcing of staff by Ferrari and/or recruitment agencies.



Ferrari and its sales network

The User’s Personal Information can be accessed by any legal representative of Ferrari and/or its subsidiaries, affiliates and parent companies worldwide (the “Group”), employees of Ferrari and the Group involved in the provision of products and services for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, and by the Data Coordinators and the Data Processors authorized to access the information as part of their duties.

The information may also be accessed by companies and individuals in the Ferrari sales and service network, franchisees, sponsors and licensees anywhere in the world, who may process the information in the capacity of independent data controller.

Triboo (or another vendor)

The User’s Personal Information may be accessed by employees of Triboo (and/or any other vendor of Ferrari products and services), in particular by the data processors authorized to deal with personal information in connection with his or her duties, for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy for which Triboo (or another vendor) is directly responsible as Data Controller or Data Coordinator.

Service providers

The User’s Personal Information can be accessed by anyone collaborating with Ferrari and Triboo in relation to the provision of products or services through the Site. By way of example only, these parties may include firms responsible for management and maintenance of the Site, electronic and online tools, the sending of newsletters, the shipping and delivery of products, the management of payments, aftersales, the processing of market research, events management and the sending of business communications.

With regard to the “Job Online” section, Personal Information may be communicated to recruitment firms and temp agencies.

Insurance companies and consultants assisting Ferrari with legal, fiscal, social security, accounting and business issues may also access the data.

Public authorities

The Personal Information may be disclosed to public authorities where required by law.

Other Users

Some of the Personal Information such as the User’s nickname and/or Image, and any other information published by the User on his/her profile and/or in communications through the blog or community may be accessible to other Users if the User decides to allow it.

Statistical data

Statistical data on the Site, the database, sales and the number of users may be sent to third parties for verification and technical purposes. This information will not include details that allow users to be identified.

Transfer of Information to non-EC countries

The User’s Personal Information may be transferred abroad, in accordance with current laws, and may also be sent to non-EC countries where the Company has business interests, if they are able to guarantee an adequate level of protection.


The User’s Personal Information will not be circulated.

However, certain details such as the User’s nickname and/or image, and any other information published by the User on his/her profile or in other communications on the Site, will be accessible to other Users when the User chooses to participate in the blog or Community.

Some of the Personal Information supplied by the User may also be circulated during specific events (online competitions or promotions).



The User (“data subject”) may, at any time, exercise his or her rights under current legislation and in particular under Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (“Italian Data Protection Act”). These include the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal information concerning the User, to amend the information, request its cancellation, know the purpose and method of processing, object to processing particularly for the purposes of the sending of advertising or direct selling materials, or for market research and promotional communications.

For more details click here.



The Privacy Policy may be updated or amended. Ferrari will notify Registered Users of any such changes. 

Unregistered users are asked to visit the Privacy Policy page (accessible through the “Legal” link) from time to time, in order to view the up-to-date information.



Requests for information about the use of Personal Information can be sent to

For further details, visit

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