Ferrari Approved


Pre-owned Ferrari cars guaranteed by Approved programme

Approved by Ferrari

Ferrari Approved is a pre-owned certification program designed to guarantee maximum security and peace of mind to owners purchasing Ferraris registered within the last 14 years.

The program encompasses a comprehensive series of controls and warranties issued by Maranello itself, including:

  • A detailed inspection by Ferrari technicians
  • Provenance and maintenance history verification of every Ferrari pre-owned cars
  • Exterior and interior pre-sale preparation
  • Up to 24 months Ferrari warranty in Europe and 12 months in the rest of the world
  • Up to 24 months Ferrari roadside assistance in Europe and 12 months in the rest of the world

Disclaimer The description of the features and benefits of the Ferrari Approved programme (Ferrari Certified Pre-Owned in the US) is for information purposes only. The content of the Information document may vary depending on the language selected. For detailed information, please consult the official Ferrari network.

  • Technical Inspection
  • Provenance & Preparation
  • Warranty & Assistance

Technical Inspection


Before any Ferrari can be declared Approved, it must first pass a series of extremely rigorous technical checks and controls drawn up by the Factory. This complete and detailed Ferrari-approved inspection is carried out by technicians that have trained at the factory and who specialise in evaluating Ferraris of all types.

Technical inspections of pre-owned Approved Ferrari cars

The inspection involves no less than 190 different checks covering everything from the running gear to the electrical systems, bodywork and interior. It concludes with a test-drive by a professional driver.

Any defects that emerge will be repaired using original Ferrari spares only, to ensure that the car fully complies with Maranello's extremely strict safety, performance and reliability standards too.

Once a car has passed the technical inspection, a written evaluation is drawn up and will be presented to any potential new owner as proof of the controls and checks carried out.

Detailed checks for guaranteed pre-owned Ferrari cars


  • running gear functioning tests
  • electrical system functioning tests
  • check of liquid levels
  • examination of condition of suspension, brakes, cooling system and steering system
  • secondary controls of air conditioner, instrumentation and safety systems
  • light, wheel and tyre (tread depth and pressure) function tests

101 single checks in North America

What is included in the  pre-owned Ferrari technical inspection

Provenance & Preparation


Original and checked pre-owned Ferrari cars

Each Ferrari Approved car is meticulously prepared and presented for sale to Ferrari's own extremely high exterior and interior standards. The exterior paintwork and interior trim and upholstery are carefully checked. If any repairs are required, only the finest quality materials will be used, of course.

At the end of each inspection, a detailed list of the checks and repairs carried out to allow the car join the Ferrari Approved program is placed in the glove compartment.

Warranty & Assistance


A Ferrari Approved has the advantage of a Ferrari warranty up to 24 months in Europe and 12 months in the rest of the world. This warranty covers the cost of numerous spare parts and cost of work of the principal repair works.

Excluded are parts included in ordinary assistance, such as tyres, brake pads and disks, or parts, which have to be exchanged due to normal wear. A Ferrari Approved has an unlimited mileage warranty of two years. The warranty covers the costs of defects and reparations, including spare parts and repair works. Furthermore it is guaranteed that works will be carried out by Ferrari technicians exclusively using original spare parts.

The guarantee of certified pre-owned Ferrari cars


A Ferrari Approved comes with a roadside assistance up to 24 months in Europe and for 12 months for the rest of the world, available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, guaranteeing Ferrari drivers absolute serenity and driving pleasure.This comprehensive roadside assistance program includes:

  • breakdown assistance in any location
  • travel and accommodation costs and transport to an official Ferrari dealership
  • where possible a replacement rental car for the duration of the repairs

Should such circumstances arise that the car's occupants cannot continue with their journey, they will, of course, receive absolutely rapid and efficient assistance.

Roadside assistance provided for pre-owned Ferrari cars

Other Services

Ferrari Financial Services

Financial services for pre-owned Ferrari  cars

Ferrari Financial Services is Ferrari's own financial services provider, offering a flexible range of Ferrari-branded, premium financial services tailored to meet the needs of the client and of the official worldwide dealership's network.

For further information about Ferrari Financial Services and the products it offers, please contact any Authorized Ferrari Dealer.